Setting up at the Chelsea Art Museum

A space waiting to be filled.Setting up for the Imaginalis exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York took four days with significant help from the Museum’s professional staff. Paintings and prints  shipped over to the USA, along with a high spec computer for showing the digital artwork.

When Jeremy, Anthony (and the other Imaginalis artists Nick Lambert and Jan Rafdal) arrived, the space was empty and ready to set up the exhibition. As is usual, walls needed repainting and lights needed to be set up. The plan was put into action and scaffolding erected to carry out the work needed.

Setting up for an exhibition is never easily possible without the help of  technical support staff. Here the Museum’s Josh and Zack can be seen building the scaffolding, needed to reach the high walls and ceiling. Their professional efforts ensured a high quality finish to the exhibition.

Anthony and Jeremy can be seen having some final thoughts about issues of lighting in the gallery. The black painted walls made a perfect enhancement to the projected work on show, with lighting focused on the paintings.

Finally the scaffolding could be taken down in readiness for the opening night.

Final decisions

Making some adjustments to lighting