Soundscapes are an integral part of Light Years Projects. The Soundscape is individual to the experience of each participant and has been designed and created using ambient sounds found at each location. Audience feedback shows that sound has had a tremendous influence on users’ perception of the installation.

Sound designers believe that sound accounts for more than half of the experience of using an interactive product. Successfully integrating sound into Light Years Projects required special attention to mixing and timing. The sound effects were balanced at every moment to produce the correct emphasis and mood. Synchronizing sound to changes on screen was technically demanding but added substantial impact to the installation.

Anthony has been exploring audio technology and designing sound for his digital work for almost two decades inspired to start creating in part by the audio tracks of early computer games on his Amiga 500.

The next step for Light Years Projects is to include the work of musicians alongside ambient sound to build up intricate layers of rural and urban sounds within their artwork.