collab1For eight years, using different means in diverse contexts, we have always maintained a dual purpose.  The first objective has been to utilise the convergence and combination of different technologies to produce visually and intellectually challenging artworks.  The second aim has been to extend common notions of narrative, place and identity using cutting edge digital media.

Some of us collaborate because we enjoy working with others.  We think the reason most people collaborate is so that something other than their own experience can be brought to the work.  In our case nothing has had a stronger impact on the refinement of our digital artworks than having the following objectives.

Our first objective was to consider a specific item of hardware or software in terms of what it could do and determine whether or not it would be useful, whether or not it would allow scope for an idea to be developed or communicated.  The second objective was to decide whether the specific qualities of a piece of hardware or software were interesting enough to enable us to build a work of art.  The third was to identify hardware and software capable of doing what we wanted it to do.  The fourth was to make the hardware and software perform in a certain way even if this did not follow the intentions of its inventors.  These four objectives were all considered prior to the actual making of the artefact.