Presentation to Taiwanese delegation

taiwansmJeremy and Anthony have recently given a presentation of their work to a delegation from Taiwan.   The delegation, led by Dr Jiun-Chuan Lin Professor of Geography, (the Geographical society of China) and Professor Ping-hui Liao, (Director General Department of Humanities and Social Sciences), were on a fact finding trip to the United Kingdom to discover new ways of informing a global audience about the unique characterisitcs of the archipelago of Penghu in Taiwan.  Aware of the work of Light Years Projects on the Jurassic Coast they wanted to find out more…

Penghu is an archipelago made of up 64 islands located in the southeastern part of the Taiwan Straits. These islands have a total of 320 kilometers of shoreline, and together they constitute Taiwan’s only island county. They were developed long ago, and they offer different moods and sights in different seasons thanks to such factors as their geographic environment, climate, cultural resources, and natural ecology.