Anthony Head

Since childhood, I have always been fascinated by the possibilities of computer based art and graphics during a time of rapid development in technology throughout the 80′s, 90′s until now. There appears to be no limit to what can be achieved in terms of experiences when computers are involved, it just takes imagination and experimentation to push the current limits and it’s often technology that has to catch up.

As a digital artist and designer, my practice resides in the crossover of art and science, with both areas offering equal fascination to me. This interest has lead into the major area of my work, which is focused on digitally created interactive objects and virtual environments. I create these environments through a combination of programming and 3D modelling techniques.

“my practice resides in the crossover of art and science”

Part of my practice involves the investigation of digital media in relation to Kinetic Sculpture. I create 3D interactive sculptural objects that move, and can be influenced by the viewer. One of my sculpture series is metamorphic in nature (changing in form) and the other zoomorphic (animal-like and form changing). Mathematics generates the structure of the forms, through computer programmed graphic technology and physics defines their motions. As such, mathematical equations are my chisel, manipulating a basic geometric form, the sphere.

I have been exploring the possibilities for these virtual kinetic sculptures, from the point of view of the virtual object, and how the audience can experience the material properties of sculptures. The audience experiences a ‘feeling’ of reality with these computer-based creations.

My work with virtual environments is related to the sculptural work. With the environments, immersivity, chronology and audience experience are key features, along with the exploration of the aesthetic possibilities with the medium of 3D computer graphics.

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