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How Jeremy Gardiner and Anthony Head work.

Light Years Projects featured in new book by Springer publishing.

Light Years Projects is featuring in a chapter of a new book, Electronic Visualisation in Arts and Culture, edited by Jonathan Bowen, Suzanne Keen and Kia Ng and published by Springer. The chapter has been co-written by Jeremy Gardiner and Anthony Head as a result of a paper given for Electronic Visualisation and Arts London […]

Paper about Light Years presented at ISEA 2011, International Symposium of Electronic Art, Istanbul.

  In September 2011, Anthony Head presented a paper titled A Painterly Approach to Computer Graphics at the prestigious international conference for electronic and computer art, ISEA. The paper described and explored the nature of being painterly in the context of 3D computer graphics, with specific reference to Anthony’s experience with Light Years Projects and […]


For eight years, using different means in diverse contexts, we have always maintained a dual purpose.  The first objective has been to utilise the convergence and combination of different technologies to produce visually and intellectually challenging artworks.  The second aim has been to extend common notions of narrative, place and identity using cutting edge digital […]

Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy Gardiner grew up surrounded by the ancient history of the South West Coast. He has explored it on long walks, boat rides and flights, forever seeking out new points of view. Led by his adventurous spirit, he has discovered the geology of other parts of the world, from the volcanic forms of Noronha, an […]